Keswick Creamery is located on our family's dairy farm near Newburg, PA in the beautiful Cumberland Valley.  We have had registered Jersey cows since 1974 and started farming here in 1978.

Our cows are raised in a humane and healthy way. They are not confined to a barn, instead they are allowed to graze freely on lush pastures. We have never used rBST on our cows or docked their tails. We have not used any herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers on our farm in almost forty years.  We have been rotationally grazing our cows since 1990. We use organic practices on our farm but we are not certified organic since we purchase some feed locally.  Our cows eat fresh grass in season and dry hay in the winter.  We do not feed any fermented feeds.

In February 2001 we started making aged raw milk cheeses in our small, licensed on-farm cheese plant. In February 2006 we added a pasteurizer and started making fresh products such as ricotta, soft cheese, and chocolate pudding. All our cheeses are hand made using traditional, time-honored methods. We use only fresh milk, live cultures, and calf rennet. Our ricotta, quark, pudding and frischkase are made without rennet. Since our cows are fed their natural diet of grass and hay our cheese is a natural creamy yellow color. As the seasons change the color of the cheese will vary depending on how much fresh grass our cows consume.