Keswick Creamery
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What's New!

We are very excited about our new cheeses!  We have started making Mixed Milk Cheeses- using our own Jersey cow's milk and fresh, Grade A Goat's milk from Wayside Acres Goat Dairy.  The result is two wonderful cheeses.

Frosty Morning
A soft-ripened, ash-covered cheese similar to the French cheese, Valençay.   This pasteurized cheese is made with half Jersey cow's milk and half goat's milk, dusted with ash and allowed to age.  The interior is a creamy light yellow, buttery with a smooth paste in the center and a creamy edge.  The lovely tang from the goat's milk blends well with the sweetness of the Jersey cow's milk.  This 'one of a kind' cheese is available in both the traditional pyramid shape or a small round.  Frosty Morning is named in honor of cheesemaker Sara's first horse- Frosty (Morning).

A traditional French-style camembert made with half Jersey cow's milk and half goat's milk.  It has a lovely white rind and a smooth, creamy paste.  Like the Frosty Morning the tang of the goat's milk is a wonderful complement to the sweet Jersey cow's milk.  Available in large (approx. 1/2lb) and small (approx 1/4lb) rounds.