Keswick Creamery
at Carrock FArm
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Available Fresh Cheeses

Made with Pasteurized milk from our own Jersey cows

Bavarian in origin, this cheese has the body of American–style cream cheese with the tang of crème fraiche.  Can be used in sweet or savory recipes. No fillers, sweeteners or stabilizers, just probiotic culture and salt.  No rennet used.  Bronze Medal 2009, and Silver Medal 2011 North American Jersey Cheese Awards.


Whole Milk Ricotta
Made fresh each week.  A firm, creamy ricotta that is great for cooking or desserts.  Try mixed with pesto for an easy appetizer or use to top grilled peaches. We use only our own Jersey cow’s milk, citric acid and salt. No rennet used.  Bronze Medal 2011 North American Jersey Cheese Awards.

Keswick's take on Chevre. This lovely cheese is made fresh each week using a traditional fresh goat cheese recipe.  As versatile and delicious as a fresh goat cheese without the tang.  Lightly salted and crumbly, Bovre is great on crackers or salads or crumble over pizza or foccacia for a treat.  Available Plain, with Herbes de Provence or Garlic and Oregano.  This cheese is only available seasonally. Silver Medal 2011 North American Jersey Cheese Awards.

Vachino Bianca

A fresh Italian-style cheese.  Light and mild it slices well and pairs wonderfully with fresh fruit or tomatoes.  Less salty and sweeter than fresh mozzarella.  Like Paneer, Vachino Bianca doesn't melt so it's a great cheese for grilling or adding to Indian dishes.  No rennet used.


Chocolate Pudding
Our pudding has a deep, rich flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. We use organic, fair trade vanilla, organic sugar, and cocoa from Wilbur’s Chocolate Company. The only thickeners we use are organic cornstarch and arrowroot powder. It is cooked for several hours to bring out the intense flavors and to give it a thick body. Our pudding is gluten free and we use only GMO free ingredients.


Made fresh each week with only whole milk and probiotic cultures.  Our Frischkase is like a cross between fresh cheese and home made yogurt.  It has a high moisture content and a nice tang.   Amazing with fresh fruit or granola, this versatile cheese is wonderful for cooking or baking. No rennet used.  Silver Medal 2011 North American Jersey Cheese Awards