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Available Aged Raw Milk Cheeses

Aged Raw Milk Cheeses 

All of our raw milk cheeses are aged a minimum of sixty days according to PA Department of Agriculture regulations.

A dutch style, natural rind cheese that has the creaminess of gouda with the nuttiness of an alpine emmenthaler.  Vermeer melts very well and is a great in soups, fondue, sauces, or sandwiches. It pairs quite nicely with Dream Weaver wheat beer from Troegs or Weyerbacher’s Blithering Idiot barley wine.  Bronze medal winner 2009, 2011 North American Jersey Cheese Awards.  Bronze medal winner 2012 World Jersey Cheese Awards.


A natural rind cheese unique to our creamery that is named after a special cow.  It has a fresh lactic flavor with slight citrus notes and a lovely light mushroomy rind.  Wallaby is great with pears or apples or as a fabulous grilled cheese.  Enjoy it with cider or Victory Brewing Company’s Hop Wallop.


Dragon’s Breath
Keswick’s take on a hot pepper jack.  Creamy and smooth, it melts well.  A blend of jalepeno, habenaro and birdseye peppers make this a cheese to remember.  Great melted into chili, in a salsa dip or over your grass-fed burger. Hot, try with caution! If it’s too hot clear your mouth with Swashbuckler Brewing’s Gold Ale, Victory Brewing Company’s Prima Pils, Roy Pitz Brewing Ludwig’s Revenge or Lovitz Lager.   Try the Dragon’s Breath in Sara’s Spicy Pimento Spread too!


We produce our cheddar using traditional English methods and age it in black wax for three months. A complex full flavor that is pleasantly sharp with a sweet and nutty finish and a nicely creamy texture. Our cheddar pairs nicely with everything from a pastured burger to local apple pie. Wash it down with Troegs Dead Reckoning Porter, Swashbuckler brewing Red Sea Amber Ale, or a nice sauvignon blanc.


A British-style cheese in the Cheddar family.  Aged 4 months in yellow cream wax.  Lesher is delightfully creamy and tangy with a slightly flaky texture and fruity notes. A great addition to your cheese plate or for snacking. Pair with brown ales like Troegs Rugged Trail, Rieslings or sparkling wines.  Bronze medal 2011 North American Jersey Cheese Awards.

Calverley is our Northern Italian-style hard grating cheese (Grana).  Aged a minimum of one year, we rub the outer rind with olive oil as it ages.   A lovely hard cheese that is nutty and citrusy with a nice peppery finish.  Aged this long it also has the bonus crunch of casein crystals.   Grate over your pasta or French onion soup or enjoy with a dry mead, a fruity sparkling wine like Prosecco or a nice hoppy pale ale like Troeg's Nugget Nectar or Daddy Fat Sacks from Roy-Pitz. *Limited, seasonal availability*

Blue Suede Moo
Our homage to British Stilton.  A classic blue that is a complex and nuanced cheese with soft sweet notes of chocolate and stout and a distinct mushroomy accent.   Blue Suede Moo is a unique addition to your cheese plate. Try some melted over your grass-fed steak. Pairs nicely with Troegs Java Head Stout or Troegenator, Swashbuckler Brewing’s Blackwater Stout, Roy Pitz Brewing Chicken Leg Oatmeal Stout, and Adams County Winery Cabernet Sauvignon.  Bronze medal 2012 World Jersey Cheese Awards. Second place Blue Cheese 2015 PA Farm Show. 


Our line of Alpine peasant-style cheeses. All of our tommes share a sweet buttery beginning with a slightly nutty finish. However, we use extraneous products from local breweries and vineyards to wash the rinds of some to produce cheeses that are one of a kind.


We take our Tomme cheese and wash it weekly with Troegs Brewing Company’s Trogenator, their classic double bock. The washing gives the rind a deliciously sweet, malty aroma and imparts a wonderful hoppy finish to the cheese. Like all our Tommes, the rind is edible and this rind is especially tasty. Pairs perfectly with Troegs Brewing Troegenator or Roy Pitz Brewing Company Old Jail Ale.  Gold Medal 2011 North American Jersey Awards.


Mad Tomme 
Our Mad Tomme is creamy, with small eyes and aged for three months. We wash it weekly with Mad Elf Ale, Troegs Brewing Company’s one of kind holiday cherry brew.  With a tart, spicy aroma and a lactic fruitiness this cheese is a welcome addition to your cheese plate or fondue.  Makes for a great picnic lunch with a loaf of bread, some apples and Roy Pitz Brewing’s Best Blonde Ale, Troegs Brewing Sunshine Pils, or go for the crazy mad experience and have a chalice of Troegs Mad Elf Ale.


Big Hill Cider Wash 
We wash our tomme cheese with cider from Big Hill Ciderworks in Adams county, PA. The apples highlight the sweet fruitiness of the cheese while bringing out a warm earthy finish with notes of hazelnut. This cheese complements Troegs Sunshine Pils or Dream Weaver Wheat quite nicely.


Wine Wash Tomme
Our tomme cheese washed with the red wine lees from Spring Gate Vineyard in Harrisburg, Pa. The washing gives the rind a beautiful purplish color and imparts a fruity, slightly oaky flavor to the cheese.  Pairs well with a Cabernet Sauvignon or Victory Storm King.


The Stinky Elf
Our version of the popular Northern Italian Tallegio-style cheeses.  Buttery, creamy and pungent with a lovely smooth texture.  We use the Troeg’s Brewings Mad Elf Ale to wash the outer rinds of these big, beefy cheeses to give them just the right amount of funk. Silver medal 2012 World Jersey Cheese Awards. 

Our Bulgarian style cow's milk feta is rich, creamy, tangy and salty.  A great cheese for cooking or adding to your salad.  We age it a minimum of 60 days in the brine, like a traditional feta.  
Feta de Provence- our feta with the French herbes de provence blend added.
Italian Herb Feta- we add parsley, basil, oregano and thyme 
Tomato and Basil Feta- Basil and dried tomatoes from Sunnyside Farm and Orchard in WV make this feta a great snacking cheese too.
Dragon's Breath Feta- the same pepper blend as our Dragon's Breath cheese but in a salty, crumbly form.  Spicy and salty. *Limited availability*